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Any tips for marketing myself to the Johnson & Johnson recruiter who'll be at my school's career fair?

Before you approach J&J at the career fair, make sure you know everything about the company. Make sure you do your research and find out about what the company does, what global projects it is involved in, and what ways the company is innovating. You can also go the extra mile, and reach out to J...
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What are your thoughts on the company culture at Johnson & Johnson?

Johnson & Johnson has an incredible company culture. On the very first day of my Co-Op, it was Martin Luther King Day, and many of my team members spent the day volunteering. Beyond valuing service, J&J leaders make sure that interns and co-ops receive the training and mentorship that they need. ...
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What questions should I ask a Johnson & Johnson recruiter at a career fair?

I would prompt questions that ask about the differences that J&J sees themselves from other biomedical/consumer companies, and then also from influential technologies as well, since J&J is now putting considerable focus in biotechnology and trying to enter the tech and design space; ask them abou...
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How much do Johnson and Johnson interns/co-ops get paid?

The compensation for a J&J intern varies based on your class year and experience. Because I was only a sophomore when I started working there I was paid $19 dollars per hour, however I have heard of older interns making upwards of $23 dollars per hour.
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I'm a recent grad looking for new opportunities. Would you say Johnson and Johnson is a good company to start my career?

Johnson & Johnson is an amazing place to kickstart a career. As a JnJ co-op you will be doing valuable work to contribute to the company. You will learn more than you expect and you will come out of the co-op/internship with real work experiences. This is not a place where you will be “getting co...
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Does Johnson & Johnson offer a solid training program for its interns/co-ops?

The training program for a Transportation/Logistics Co-op is very in depth. You will learn about the entire supply chain as well as the “mini supply chain” that exists within transportation. You will learn how what you’re doing affects the company and different stakeholders you work with. The tra...
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Are there any mentorship programs available for interns at Johnson & Johnson?

J&J has one of the best mentorship programs I have ever experienced. As an intern I was immediately mentored by not only my direct managers but also each one of my team members. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable; they are always willing to teach you and make sure you understand the work ...
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What do I need to know going into an interview at Johnson & Johnson?

A solid rundown of what you should know is the type of role/department that you are looking at and interviewing for, and how you feel you can advertise the work that you do in that position, to benefit the whole of the company (i.e. how can IT help Pharma, or Medical Devices?, etc.) and positivel...
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What does it take to succeed as an intern at Johnson & Johnson?

One of the most important aspects I would say in being successful at Johnson & Johnson is the ability to appreciate diversity and be a team player. J&J is a multinational company that recruits the best talent from around the world and each team in the J&J family will be a diverse group of indivi...
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Can anyone tell me what a Skincare R&D co-op at Johnson & Johnson does?

Broadly speaking, my role within the Technology Formulations group was to take certain platform technologies and integrate (or transform) them into a marketable skin care product. This included formulation design, characterization, and prototyping, as well as interfacing with other scientists and...
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What skills are going to help me succeed in a neuroscience solutions co-op at J&J?

You should have some technical problem solving skills and be able to talk about prior project management, process improvement, and/or research experience. They prefer people with a STEM background (e.g. neuroscience, engineering). They are looking for a friendly and effective communicator who is ...
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What qualities should I highlight in an interview for a supply chain internship at Johnson & Johnson?

Leadership experiences, creative solutions, experiences that fit into the "company credo" that can be found online (service to community, business decisions that take into account the well being of the customer, etc). Always highlight the result of any story told to answer a behavioral question....
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How much work-life balance did you have during your internship or coo-op at J&J?

Good work-life balance, especially if you live near the Titusville site. The company often allows early dismissal before major holidays to help its employees avoid rush hour traffic. There will be times when there is less work and other times when there are aggressive deadlines, but open commun...
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What does an HR Leadership Development Program intern at J&J do?

HRLDP interns in the foundational track work within their Global Services sector, mostly. Opportunities exist within Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Learning and Development, and Talent Management. Interns are encouraged to take on meaningful projects that impact the enterprise and create...
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What exactly does a brand marketing co-op do at Johnson & Johnson?

Lots of different things! J&J’s marketing department is comprised of professionals whose duties apply to communications and analytics, and Co-Ops will usually get to experience both in their workflows. In my experience, some of my communications projects included designing and distributing a Motr...
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Just secured an interview for an HR internship role at J&J. What would you say are qualities that are imperative to touch on?

Definitely highlight your ability to multitask and meet deadlines. The role was very time-sensitive and it was important to keep a quick pace while balancing a few responsibilities at the same time.
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Could you speak about your experience interning/co-oping at J&J? What did you do?

Johnson & Johnson is a very social and friendly company. It’s kind of mind boggling how helpful and friendly employees at J&J are. My day usually started at the coffee machine lol. Then, I would head to my desk, and check emails while discussing today’s tasks and assignments with my fellow co-op ...
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Things I can do form the get-go to land a return offer at J&J?

Starting the co-op or internship, make sure you make a good impression from the start. Be attentive, come to work early, and always and I mean always ask questions and speak your mind no mater how annoying you might think you sound. Mid-way of your co-op or internship, be straightforward, and tel...
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What does a consumer brand management co-op for Johnson & Johnson do ?

Depends from co-op to co-op. Usually, you are given a broad project to work on over the course of the co-op (along with some usual day to day tasks) that you present out at the end of the program. My big project was coming up with the brand marketing plan of Nizoral for the year 2016. I also work...
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What should I be sure to discuss during my interview for a logistics co-op at Johnson & Johnson?

For a Transportation/Logistics Co-op position at Johnson & Johnson it is important to highlight previous operations and/or customer service experience that you have had. Being familiar with excel functions is important to highlight in the interview. Taking either the operations management course ...
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