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What aspect of the AdWorks team do you appreciate the most?

I personally like the problem solving within AdWords itself. There is a lot of relationship building and room to grow the agencies. The people I work with are great as well. I personally dislike the sales aspect (pushing agencies), but that's a personal aspect. Some people love the sales aspect.
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What are the skills I would need to do well as an IT Intern at Google?

As an IT intern you need to be able to solve problems that you have never seen before. It is important to have a strong troubleshooting ability and are able to adapt quickly with little information. Most of the technology stack that you use day to day is taught in training so it is important to h...
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To what extent of ownership will I have as an IT intern at Google?

When I was an IT intern the week was roughly split into 60% ( 3 days ) working at the help desk (Techstop) and 40% ( 2 days ) working on your project. This can vary by manager and time of the internship, for example at the end I flexed up to 4 days a week working on my project. The projects vary ...
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I hear there's a volunteer program to share Google's tools to other companies, what does a day in the life look like?

There are 2 teams in this volunteer program - Non Profits and SMB. For SMB team (both during school year), we do a lot of outreach work to local small and medium business, and educate them on how Google tools can help them with their business growth. Tools can be Google My Business - all the comm...
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Are Engineering Practicum interns expected to work overtime at Google?

EP is hourly, meaning that you log your hours and get paid by the hour. You're expected to be there for 40 hours each week - if you're working more than 40 hours you will get paid overtime, but if you have tons of overtime I think you get in trouble. I think the larger issue in terms of work/life...
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What are the best (and maybe worse) parts of being a UX Design Intern at Google?

I loved how robust the intern programme at Google was. It's set up so that you have the opportunity to really get the most out of mentorship, social and networking, and leadership opportunities. I was exposed to not only a lot of how a team at a big product company functions, but also to the expe...
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Is Google, even though it's one of the most popular companies, really a good place to work at after graduation?

The name recognition of working along side Google certainly helped me in my career. As a Trusted Photographer, I was a third-party contractor who generated leads and sales on my own while delivering the service and product! My experience taught me how to adapt to new technologies and how to sell ...
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What's a piece of advice you can offer for someone about to work at Google?

One can become too obsessed with a project and its nitty-gritty and forget about the big picture and the other things in life. So my one advice would be having a big picture plan and about what need to be done each day and try to stay on that plan. If you find yourself too overwhelmed with work, ...
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For exec compensation roles at Google, what can I expect a typical day to look like?

The days can vary greatly depending on whether or not the company is in a compensation planning cycle or not. The exec comp team also works on preparation for Google's quarterly board meetings. If the team is in either of these cycles, the days are really busy, including a lot of meetings, work...
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Interested to hear your thoughts on why you looked into working or interning Google for an IT role!

It had always been a goal of mine to work at Google. I had reached out to one of their recruiters to ask their advice on how I might proceed through my graduate program and they told me about the IT Internship program. I knew that not only was this my chance to experience working at Google, but i...
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Any specific tips for an IT interview at Google?

They don't expect you to know everything when you interview for an IT Internship. The interviews are designed to find out what you know and how you think through problems. Ask a lot of questions and talk through your thought processes. Don't get frustrated when you get stumped and let them know h...
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